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Welcome to the hottest trend un catering

Welcome to the hottest trend in Catering : Food stations. Mixing the best parts of buffets and the most elegant aspects of a sit-down dinner, guests will love this alternative. Food stations have all the variety of flavors a buffet offers, but without that sloppy cafeteria feel. Plus, you get the chic presentation of plated dishes and the finer attention to ingredients that makes a sit-down stand apart.

It gives guests plenty of options

It’s more affordable

It keeps the party moving

It won’t create tacky food lines

Food stations are a great option in many ways, they just may be the most economical option for a wedding or big event as  you dont have to use as many waiters than a sit-down dinner, also keeps the party moving, you will not get those big lines to get to the buffet table, with food stations your guest will go different ways and find tasty and colorfull food every direction they go, plus they will circulate and socialize with all the guest at your party.

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