Catering in Cabo San Lucas

Catering in cabo
Posted by | July 13, 2020
An Electric Wedding on the Beach | Catering in Cabo

Katie & Stefan fall in love with this amazing venue located in Todos Santos, Mexico. Since their first time they visit back in 2006 from there they have visit this...

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Destination Wedding
Posted by | September 27, 2017
Wedding rentals Cabo San Lucas

Wedding Carriage for your wedding This is a beautiful entrance to a wedding ceremony, here in Cabo we have and excellent vendor Valente Barrena with his  gorgeous white horses he...

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Catering company in cabo
Posted by | September 2, 2017
Catering Company Cabo San Lucas

Salt & Sugar Co / The Catering Company in Cabo We know Catering is one of the most important aspects of any event or wedding, we put our heart on...

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Catering companies in los cabos
Posted by | August 27, 2017
Hottest trend in Catering

Welcome to the hottest trend un catering Welcome to the hottest trend in Catering : Food stations. Mixing the best parts of buffets and the most elegant aspects of a...

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Catering company in cabo san lucas
Posted by | July 27, 2017
Pre-Stocking Villa Services

Is summer time and is time to forget all kind of homework How many times have you rented a villa at Los Cabos but there is nothing to eat and...

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Catering in villas
Posted by | July 26, 2017
Cooking classes Cabo San Lucas

Nothing brings closer families than cooking classes! Have fun with your love ones and create moments you will treasure forever! Imagine your favorite music, wine, jokes and the people you...

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Catering Cabo San Lucas
Posted by | May 21, 2017

Learn the secrets behind this refreshing margarita cocktail and use it at your wedding in Cabo There is of course a lot of variations of the regular lime juice margarita,...

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